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Our French translators are the topmost choice of esteemed writers owing to their exceptional comprehension and remarkable command of both English and French languages.

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Masterful French Translation Services

American Writers Group

American Writers’ Group offers apex French Translation services that help writers broaden their reader-base by tens of millions. We understand that lingual translation goes above and beyond just swapping words senselessly.

That is why our translators thoroughly read your book to perfectly capture the essence of your work while acknowledging the cultural nuances and sensitivities to ascertain that your translated text does not feel untoward and incomprehensible at all.

Whether you want to translate a book, novel, journal, or any other written piece, you can count on our professional writing services. Contact us now to get started.

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We write your story in a way that renders the readers utterly spellbound.


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American Writers Group is the unparalleled leader in writing services because we prioritize the quality of work and client satisfaction.




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Our ghostwriters hold immense experience in working with esteemed authors and aspiring writers alike.




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We are always just a phone call away from you. Have any queries? Contact Now.



Unlimited Revisions

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You can ask us for revisions until you are completely satisfied. No questions asked.




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We do not begin working on your project without undergoing thorough research.




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You always remain the rightful owner of the book and can use your own byline.




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You can trust us with sensitive information as we are bound by a strict non-disclosure policy.

We Ensure That Nothing Gets ‘Lost in Translation’

American Writers Group

Translating a book from one language to another is often disastrous as the words get deprived of emotions. Frequently, translators fail to capture the implied meaning of a phrase and turn it into a bland sentence that seems completely out of place.

At American Writers’ Group, our translators hold advanced qualifications in both English and French languages. In addition to that, they have years of experience in translating bestsellers of all genres into different varieties of the French, including Metropolitan and Quebec. They effectively utilize that experience to capture the book’s essence to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. They also acknowledge the cultural nuances & sensitivities and translate proverbs, idioms, and other common phrases for maximum accuracy, complete relatability, and seamless readability for all your French-speaking readers.

We possess the power to unlock an entirely new fanbase for you. Contact American Writers’ Group now to get your book translated into French by our experts and start your journey towards international success.

American Writers Group

What our clients say about us

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The invaluable feedback from our clients fuels us with the passion to outperform and fulfill our vision to reach perfection.

We Make Writing Simpler

American Writers Group

American Writers’ Group offers writing services that accompany you at every stage of your journey, from ghostwriting, formatting, and cover designs, to marketing and publishing. Give us a call now to embark on your journey towards success.



Fill in a few important details about your book and let our project manager guide you from that moment forward.


Selection and Research

Our strategists select the perfect ghost-writer for your project. The selected writer then delves into extensive research and crafts an outline for your work.


First Chapter Approval

The writer pens down the first chapter with the hope of captivating the readers to yearn for more.


Editing and Proofreading

As the writer is crafting your masterpiece, our editors are invested in scrutinizing your book for a critical review.



Once the manuscript is completed and approved by you, it is formatted to publishing standards. The book also gets a distinct look with an artistic cover, elegant font selection, and miscellaneous fine touches.


Publishing and Marketing

After a few finishing touches, your book becomes ready to be published. A customized marketing plan is also developed.


We are an internationally recognized ghostwriting, editing, and publishing agency.

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